12 September 2017

Converting Traffic

Wendi Hill

Now that you’ve injected life into your website, tearing down the digital billboard and crafting a dynamic, interactive marketing hub…

Now that you’ve spruced up your Social Media accounts, curated engaging content and cultivated a loyal following…

Now it’s time to convert your web traffic into sales leads and customers! The following are five high-impact ways to do just that!

1. Provide clear and compelling value to your visitors. The reasons for doing business with your company should be stated succinctly and clearly and should literally top your landing page. Your visitors should feel compelled to provide their contact information in order to quickly and easily access something of value!

2. Anticipate and address any sales obstacles. What questions or concerns might arise in your visitor’s mind that could prevent them from providing their contact information? Do they question the value of your proposition, the expertise of your services, or the quality of your products? Remember, you have under 10 seconds to not only communicate the value of your proposition and entice your visitor to provide their contact information, but you have even less time to address whatever obstacles may exist in their mind!

3. Use positive, active and encouraging language in your headings and calls to action. Instead of saying, “Try Our Solution,” your heading or call to action should read, “Download Your Free Solution Now!” Be concise, use dynamic language and imperatives, include “value language,” maximize the short period in which you have your visitor’s attention rather than squandering it with imprecise or lackluster language.

Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts and the first taste of the differentiating culture unique to your business that your prospective customers will experience!

Wendi Hill

4. Make it easy to take action. Converting visitors into sales leads and customers means captivating your visitor with the right value proposition and call to action. But it also means making it easy for the visitor to take action.

Every valuable offer should be accessed using a user-friendly form. Make it easy for your visitor to fill out this form and, more to your visitor’s interest, access your offer! Only include fields in your form that ask for information that you absolutely need. Remember, the clock is ticking and the Internet is brimming over with potential value…state your value and collect only what you need quickly or risk losing that visitor forever!

Mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized websites are a must when making it easy for your web traffic to convert to sales leads and customers by means of a call to action. More and more people begin their search for your product or service using their mobile device…make it a positive experience!

5. Offer help, reassurance and a human touch. Consider using a “Chat Now” feature. One of the Social Media Trends of 2017 is the proliferation of chat bots. These sophisticated logarithms simulate people-based customer service and, where their ability ends, live chat easily picks up!

Google has begun ranking SSL Certificate-bearing websites (https:// vs. http://) higher in search engine results pages. A website which collects personal information should bear the security seal assuring your visitors that their privacy is important to you!

Testimonials, social influencers (another Social Media Trend of 2017), and even just photos of people on your landing page have all been shown to increase the conversion of web traffic into sales leads and customers.

Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts and the first taste of the differentiating culture unique to your business that your prospective customers will experience! Put this goldmine of business growth to work for you. Contact Market Momentum to move your business forward along the path of converting traffic to clients! Call us today!


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