13 July 2017

SEO 101

Wendi Hill

SEO, SERPs, Back Linking, Metatags, Keywords, Black Hat – what does it all mean? What exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how can I guarantee top ranking in Google search results?

Let’s take a deeper look at SEO…

Think of the Internet as a global neighborhood and Google as the zoning committee. Google and other search engines are interested in improving the quality of development taking place within this global neighborhood. They have many tools at their disposal to ensure that fresh, valuable and useful sites rise to the top. At the same time, sites considered to be stale, stagnant, or of little value are easily buried in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Search engines such as Google use algorithms to understand and rank sites. These same tools are used (with alarming accuracy) to root out those websites employing Black Hat tactics in the hope of gaming the system. Once identified, these sites are penalized. It never pays to try and beat Google at its own game. Playing by the rules is the only viable option.

Playing by the Rules

So, what’s involved in “playing by the rules?” What is the proper way to optimize a website for favorable rankings?

SEO can be broken into two general approaches: On-page and Off-page Optimization.

On-page optimization takes place within the code from which a website is constructed.

For example, Google knows that Internet users are increasingly interested in being able to access the Internet using their mobile devices. As a result, Google ranks responsive websites (those designed to be easily viewable on mobile devices) higher than those which are not. Read our Latest Blog Post on this topic here.

Google will rank websites that are optimized to load quickly much higher than sluggish sites. If the code from which a website is constructed is well-organized, easy to index, and streamlined, Google views this as an optimized site.

Although keywords are of far lesser importance than they used to be, a concise description of the website and the recurrence of key phrases within the site still contribute to overall SEO.

A website that is regularly maintained with fresh, up-to-date content that Google deems valuable to users is absolutely key to attaining and maintaining favorable rankings.

A website that is regularly maintained with fresh, up-to-date content that Google deems valuable to users is absolutely key to attaining and maintaining favorable rankings.

Wendi Hill

Off-Page Optimization

All of this takes place on-page, but, Off-page optimization is also a big contributor to SEO.

Practices such as back linking (establishing hyperlinks on other domains which direct users to your website) and the use of social media to drive traffic to your website are crucial off-page tactics.

Using calls to action on your social media accounts and making it easy for others to share your posts and website content also creates a flurry of activity that Google will take notice of.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about Search Engine Optimization is that it is a process. No one can guarantee top ranking in Google search results. Google ranking algorithms are a constantly moving target. If anyone guarantees top ranking, this is a big red flag.

The best that one can do is to make use of the tactics mentioned above, especially designing your website to be responsive and maintaining your site with fresh, useful and valuable content. This process, in conjunction with an engaging social media strategy, will bear fruit over time.

Attaining solid search engine rankings takes months… maintaining them takes discipline and a clear strategy. Market Momentum has a proven track record of implementing just such an approach with numerous clients. We begin by understanding your goals, establishing benchmarks, and designing a custom solution to optimize your website and drive your rankings.

If your website isn’t responsive, optimized and the hub of a larger SEO and Social Media Strategy, then it is merely one of many of sites sinking quickly into the black hole of websites Google deems unworthy of meaningful rankings.

Let Market Momentum demystify SEO and help drive your rankings! Contact Us to get started!


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