15 June 2018

Web Development Trends

Wendi Hill
Website Development

Increased mobile platform use, ever-changing social media trends, digital marketing and web development: it’s all connected!

There’s a creative tension that exists between the natural tendencies for the development of existing technology and the drive inherent in business processes. The resulting trends with the greatest growth potential and deepest impact on user experience and digital marketing are what we focus on here.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The first web development trend exhibiting a significant impact on user experience is Progressive Web Applications (PWA). PWAs improve the user experience by utilizing both HTML5 and JavaScript to load the single-page application in the mobile browser. Facebook and Google Maps are perhaps the most popular examples. Even though they are browser-based applications, they have the look and feel of mobile apps.

PWAs do not require installation and they are always up-to-date with regard to responsiveness and browser compatibility. PWAs have URLs, for ease of linking. Just like apps, you can simply add the PWA’s shortcut to your home screen for easy access. Because of the increased reliability, responsiveness, and compatibility, PWAs bring greater reliability, higher engagement and increased conversion rates.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are computer programs designed to provide the user with assistance in a Q&A format. Chatbots are often found as pop-ups offering help when you first arrive on websites such as Skype, WeChat or Telegram. Facebook Messenger also employs an army of bots.

Many big bot developers have made their code open source, to encourage the development of chatbots. There are numerous bot frameworks available to developers which allow them to construct a custom bot quickly. Microsoft Bot Framework, api.ai, wit.ai, and bottr.me are just a few examples of useful bot architecture available for quick implementation.


Blockchain technology utilizes a shared database that is constantly being updated and reconciled by numerous computers, making it virtually impossible to corrupt. In order to disrupt or corrupt the blockchain database, every computer involved would need to be destroyed. This results in an extremely secure database offering network data which is publicly available to everyone who requires its use.

Blockchains allow for easy supply chain auditing; fail-proof, decentralized file storage and secure protection of intellectual property. Blockchains also enable greater peer-to-peer commerce and crowdfunding opportunities.

Motion UI

The Motion UI Sass library is a ready-made development library allowing the web designer to animate your User Interface (UI) quickly and easily.

The library includes CSS files with effects ready-to-go and Sass files which allow the developer to experiment in creating custom animations. Motion UI is built on a fundamental understanding of CSS and some JavaScript and allows the developer to animate any element on the page, creating a unique and memorable (not to mention easy and efficient) User Experience (UX).

The Market Momentum Social Media Marketing Suite of Services is also the greatest factor in influencing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), driving your website’s search engine rankings with fresh content, dynamic engagement, increased traffic and social media back-linking.

The key to optimal search engine results is the exact same key to a successful marketing strategy: effectively communicating your brand’s value and unique culture while engaging with your customers!

Wendi Hill


PHP 7 was released in 2017 and brings with it truly revolutionary changes to the ubiquitous programming language.

PHP 7 uses less memory and compiles twice as fast as PHP 5.6. Its new declarations are easier to read and understand and therefore much easier to implement. Rather than killing the entire script, PHP 7 presents an exception to the user, allowing for easier diagnosis of issues. All of this means enhanced user experience which translates to increased engagement and conversions!


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between the web browser and server, ensuring data integrity and authentication. This secure connection is represented by the s in https:// as well as a little padlock in the URL address bar.

In 2018, Google began ranking SSL-enabled websites higher in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Compared to websites using the same keywords, an HTTPS domain will rank higher.

Even more important than SEO rankings, SSL and HTTPS eliminates phishing and cyber attacks, increases the user’s trust level in your website and promotes the reputation of your website as a secure environment.

User Behavior Tracking

Effective digital marketing increasingly depends upon customer behavior feedback, allowing for greater accuracy in targeted marketing. The more you know about customer interests and behaviors, the better you can optimize your site and the user experience to capture conversions.

Google Analytics is the most popular, though not the only, User Behavior Tracking tool available. Simply by including a snippet of code on each page of your website, you are able to gain visibility into:

• User clicks and activity;
• Popular areas of your website’s content;
• Session duration;
• Bounce rate;
• Exit rate;
• Traffic source;
• Conversions;
• Website form interactions;
• Website funnels which allow you to follow the user’s journey on your website.

It has never been so easy to understand user behavior so as to better position your products and services in their path.

Ride the Trends

It’s all connected! Increased mobile platform use, ever-changing social media trends, digital marketing and web development, together, are trending in the direction of augmented user experiences and targeted digital marketing!

Market Momentum can help you harness these trends and ride the waves! Let us combine our expertise with your unique vision and upgrade your web presence for increased SEO rankings, enhanced security, a better and more efficient user experience and more quality conversions. Contact us today to get started!


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