29 December 2017

Strategic Marketing and the Digital Toolbox

Wendi Hill

We’ve spent the last 12 months blogging about the various aspects of a Comprehensive Marketing Plan and the many digital tools available to you for the execution of that plan.

Here, we will pull it all together!

The Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The key to a comprehensive marketing plan is the process by which it is developed. Additionally, the key is the applicability of the resulting strategy. Your comprehensive marketing plan should be applicable - like a touchstone - to every operational, sales and service question that arises; giving continuity and focus to your entire way of doing business.

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of your business should be hard-wired into an actionable marketing plan that keeps business on track - true to your vision - at every turn.

Executing the Plan

Once we have a comprehensive marketing plan, we execute, we measure, we make changes to the way we do business, the way we bring our products and services to market.

We maintain our unique identity by not just sticking to the plan, but embracing it; forcing every aspect of our business through the plan and out the other side, so that what we do and how we do it all takes the shape of the goals and priorities laid out in our Comprehensive Marketing Plan.

We do all of this by 1. focusing our efforts; 2. meeting the customer where they are; 3. increasing our efficiency with the right tools; and 4. automating and improving processes according to our plan!

1. Focusing Our Efforts

Like spokes on a wheel: Social Media, Advertising, PR, and Branding all radiate outward to lend support to your marketing momentum. These various channels direct potential buyers to your business to be converted into clients. But, just as with a wheel, without the effective focus of a strong hub, the spokes are scattered.

Your company’s web portal is the single most-visible asset you possess. There is no better way to communicate your unique identity, differentiating niche and the value of your products and services to potential customers. Just as the hub of a wheel represents the strength and cohesion of its brand, so too does your Internet hub. Before you deploy your Comprehensive Marketing Plan, be sure you have the right hub in place.

2. Meeting the Customer Where They Are

Today, most potential customers will research a business online using a mobile device before making the decision to visit your location, buy your product or contract your services.

If your website isn’t easily viewable on mobile devices (Responsive)…
Isn’t optimized to rank high in search engine results (SEO)…
Isn’t being fed by a vibrant Social Media Marketing campaign (SMM)…
Doesn’t maintain fresh and valuable content (also a huge SEO contributor)…
Or is indistinguishable from all the other boxed solutions available for free…

…then you might as well not have a website at all.

3. Increasing Our Efficiency

Efficiency can be defined as minimal waste of time, talent and treasure.
Reduction of menial, repetitive and redundant tasks increases efficiency by freeing employees to use their gifts for higher purposes.
The right software package can accomplish all of this while reducing frustration.

The right software tools can make or break your business efficiency and all too often off-the-shelf solutions do as much to complicate and clutter as they do to streamline and automate.

Wendi Hill

4. Automating and Improving Processes

The right software tools can make or break your business efficiency and all too often off-the-shelf solutions do as much to complicate and clutter as they do to streamline and automate. They are designed to appeal to a wide range of industries and business needs; none are designed with your specific needs in mind.

As a result, we often find ourselves shoe-horning our processes into the confines and constraints imposed by off-the-shelf software, rather than experiencing the efficiencies and freedom of software designed to serve our specific operational challenges.

Custom software works its magic on your processes in the following ways:

• Automating Tasks
• Centralizing Data
• Improving Communication
• Enabling Analyzation
• Providing Real-Time Information
• The Custom Advantage

Custom software should be the way forward, never an obstacle to be navigated. The right solution steps into your business needs seamlessly and takes over those tasks which can most beneficially impact your efficiency and your bottom line.


Indeed, marketing is not just advertising, it is the way by which we maintain our unique identity, our differentiating niche, amid the many daily decisions a business person must make. As clients and customers change the way they do business and move ever-farther away from traditional and into digital methods, the need becomes more insistent for a Comprehensive Marketing Plan which avails itself of all the tools that enable a business to digitize its processes.

Gone are the days of separate advertising, marketing, sales, service and operational plans. In a world where connections are made easy and instantaneous, a lean and agile business organization must have one, overarching, comprehensive approach to connecting with its clients and remaining connected and efficient internally.

Market Momentum sees and understands this clearly! We have a proven record of translating these intricacies into actionable success plans for our clients. Begin the New Year by looking to the future: contact Market Momentum to get started!


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